Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton Relationship: Queen Supports Duchess In Decision To Ban Mother-In-Law From Delivery Room [VIDEO]

Queen Elizabeth is supporting Kate Middleton in her decision to ban her mother- in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles from being present in the delivery room when the duchess gives birth later this month, Globe magazine reported on Thursday.

Twitter/ QueenLizll
Twitter/ QueenLizll

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Middleton has been verbally attacked by Parker-Bowles for the last two years, and she is finally deciding to take control of the situation by declaring her mother in-law is not allowed in the delivery room.

At her last official appearance, Middleton had to share a carriage ride with Parker-Bowles, and ended up upset because of her mother-on-law’s hurtful comments regarding Prince William cheating on her, according to the Thursday report. Prince Harry had told Parker-Bowles to shut her mouth after the comment.

Twitter/ Duchess_ Camilla
Twitter/ Duchess_ Camilla

A recent report stated that Middleton has been preparing for the royal baby, and that she is feeling good, but nervous about giving birth. “She’s full of energy and really rather used to the bump!” a source told Us Weekly. “Naturally she is a little nervous about the big day, what new mom wouldn’t be?”

Thousands joined Queen Elizabeth at a garden party in Edinburgh Tuesday, to mark the official start of a week-long tour to Scotland. The Duke of Edinburgh, who was recovering from surgery, was absent from the event. According to the report, however, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie attended for the first time, joining Prince Philip, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew.


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